The Art of Fine Home Building


….”To build custom homes, a builder must listen to his client’s needs, speak his language, and exceed their expectations.”But there are differences… The scope and logistical complexity of the projects we are selected for, demand a high level of organization and skill that few other builders can handle.

….“Our client’s hold us to a very high standard of both quality and accountability, and no other builder can match our passion for excellence.”Ask our clients.

….”We are not just General Contractors, we are Builders.”We don’t construct structures, we build people’s homes.

….“We emphasize to each and every craftsman that real people live their lives in what we have created.”This can be a mindset change to many craftsman working on a Buckingham Resources home for the first time. Our projects are not just another job for them. They know their work on our homes is truly special and valued. 

….”Our homes really are true pieces of art, that will endure for many life times.”—We are artisans and builders. Passion for the artful detail is the difference.