Planned Success

The schedule and cost management are crucial elements in client satisfaction. The goal of the building process is not the construction itself, but rather the client enjoying the benefits of living in their new home. “Our client’s are not only concerned about the quality of construction but also the scheduling, construction management, and especially cost management.”

We believe that a successful project evolves from this shared set of common core beliefs between client, architect and builder. Projects that are allowed to slide with no end in sight will ultimately result in strained relations. Projects suffer not only from a budget standpoint, but also from an under utilization of the true talent and effectiveness of the craftsmen.

Our client’s receive a detailed summary and copies of all invoices for work completed for the month. All trade discounts are passed directly on through to our clients. No games.. Not a common practice in the construction industry. Complete transparency. 

They Trust Us… and we understand fully the responsibility they have given us.