"Thank you for caring, thank you for always having my best interest at heart." Barbara Ellison

"The most important factor in my decision was trust. From the first meeting I knew you were sincere." Barbara Ellison

"We thoroughly enjoyed working with Thomas Buckingham. He is low key, has a very practical approach and is flexible" David and Pam Snodgrass

"You could not ask for a better builder." David and Pam Snodgrass

"He was there every day planning, scheduling, supervising subcontractors and basically making sure the work was being built with the best quality, on schedule and with cost control."

Allan Kirkwood
Board of Director
Peter Kiewit and Sons Construction

"He has a very strong reputation for honesty, integrity, and having the owner’s best interest in conducting his work."

Allan Kirkwood
Retired Executive Vice President
Peter Kiewit and Sons Construction

"The house is ageing so beautifully due to superior construction and quality of materials. People are shocked when we tell them our home is 14 years old." John and Leaf Picchetti

"You hit a home run with our new home, thank you very much."

Richard Dickey